Massage, a technique to relax
Body massage is one of the oldest techniques of mankind. It has been used as a healing practice to relieve pain, manipulating some area of ​​the body to relax it. It can be applied in children or adults and has no side effects because it is completely natural. However, we must ensure that they are made by a person specialized in the application of these techniques. They should always be given with some lotion or oils, so that the hands can slide more easily

From ancient times, massages were practiced. In Egypt, they performed them to heal the mind and the body; in Greece, to treat injuries, diseases and as a means of relaxation, in India, they used it as a therapeutic means to calm the pain of different diseases; in China, it was part of medicine, in Rome, they were used as relaxation and for better health. Always the corporal massages have had a very marked link with medicine.

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Benefits of massages, They can be:

to treat varicose veins,
back pains,
among other and are recommended for those people who:

they need to activate the blood and lymphatic circulation,
to improve digestion,
regenerate cells,
reduce stress,
oxygenate the muscles,
to calm some pain,

among many others.

However, it is contraindicated when the person has wounds, recent trauma, severe osteoporosis, swollen lymph nodes, phlebitis, in the first three months of pregnancy, infectious diseases, thrombosis, muscle tears or when the person suffers from a lot of pain.

Natural oils for massages
We can find a lot of oils to massage. If you enter QSI Natural you will see a large catalog.

Vegetable oils, as the name suggests, are obtained from seeds and fruits. They are oils with special properties and a high content of vitamins, which, when absorbed, protect and nourish our skin.

The best known are the following:

Almond oil: it is one of the best known vegetable oils. It has anti-inflammatory and softening properties.
Coconut oil: obtained from the fat that remains in dried coconuts. It is mainly used to make soaps, but it also has great benefits used in massages.
Jojoba oil: this oil is characterized because it is very similar to the oils that appear naturally in our skin. Like almonds, it is anti-inflammatory and softening, widely used for skin infections such as acne.
Germén wheat oil: it is not usually used in massages because it is difficult to obtain, but it contains large amounts of vitamin E and is a good antioxidant.

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