The Montebello hospital in Benalmádena-Costa treats patients of all types of illness or accidents that have to do with the bones.
They are patients who come to spend three weeks here in Benalmádena-Pueblo and have strict rehabilitation with doctors and physiotherapists.

I the Osteopath, chiromassagist

I, as a Chiromassagist and Osteopath, have the luck to treat with some of them from Montebello Benalmadena and learn more about their beautiful country and its people.

I am recommended

When I receive a message or they call me on the phone because I was recommended by some of them from Montebello, it is an incredibly good feeling and especially knowing that I do them very well, then it was worth everything.

Gentle people

They are very nice and gentle people and are used to have massages and osteopathic treatments.

I am delighted with them and they are always welcome to treat them.

Some of the conversations

Here are some of the conversations I had with some of the patients of Montebello through WhatsApp since they are not very very use to Facebook or Google and put some reviews yet they have wanted to give me good testimonials through the mobile.

Thank you very much you are great and I love to treat you 🙂

Angelina Pinto

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