Massages for the back of the legs
Massage for Tired Legs

Place the oil on the leg above the hip, move it down, on the leg and on the feet, extending it, to start the massage from the ankles.
From the ankle drain the oil up using your thumbs. On the back of the knee, move the heels of the hands upwards and follow up to the hip joint.
Move the hands down again to the ankles and feet.
Knead the thighs and calves and rub gently on the back of the knee.
All the previous steps have to be repeated, in both legs.

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Rotate through the legs from the ankle to the buttocks, without applying any pressure to the back of the knee area (KNEE articulation).
Gently, diffuse blows all the way to the leg
Massages for the front of the legs leg massage
Put oil on the entire leg.
I massage up the calf up to the knee with the thumb.
Hold the back of the knee with the left hand and perform the movement with the right hand up and around the kneecap and then towards the back of the knee.

Use your left hand to massage counterclockwise.
Use your thumbs to make small circles and overlap around the knee.
Massage the oil up from the knee to the upper part of the thigh, by applying the heels of the hands.
The hands should slide down the ankle
Squeeze the whole leg, starting from the ankle and kneading the thighs. Repeat this procedure for both legs.

SELF MASSAGE of legs by means of apparatuses
There are several ways to receive a massage, from self-massage to shiatsu machines to massage the feet how are you.

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