How to give relaxing massages?
In the following entry we will give you some guidelines so that you can give a comfortable relaxing massages, how the environment should be and the preparation of them,

Relaxing massages are of great help at the end of the day, today we will show you how to do some of them. Relaxing massages have to be given in an upward direction in order to favor circulation.

Give a massage even if you are not an expert

We know that most people are not experts or have the necessary knowledge of these natural therapies but this does not mean that from time to time a person can be given a relaxing massage, for example, the couple.

Follow some simple guidelines that will provide instant relaxation and peace

It is necessary to think that you are only looking to relax and not heal any problem in the back, in these cases it is necessary to go to a professional. To give that massage that allows you to relax you should follow some simple guidelines that will provide instant relaxation and peace.

The atmosphere is very important

When looking to relax the atmosphere is very important, so we must place a lighting that is pleasant with a light that is not too intense. In addition you can get the best atmosphere with good instrumental music, the songs with voice have to distract. And to complete the setting you can aromatize the environment using a fragrance that is soft and relaxing, we recommend lavender.

Get the materials ready

We will also need some materials: towels, soft paper napkins to remove the excess oils. Moisturizing milk or essential oils can be used to perform the massages. In the case of oils, they have the advantage of taking longer to be absorbed by the skin, in addition to providing benefits such as relaxing, deflating, reactivating the circulation and healing.

The recommended Oils

Among the most recommended massage oils are chamomile, eucalyptus, rosemary, orchids, sandalwood and, obviously, lavender.

A good option to give a relax massage

Ideally, the person receiving the massage is lying down, this will help to fall asleep when finished. With a person sitting in a chair will not be very comfortable to move. Another good option is to think of a chair without a backrest or with a low backrest. Allow the person to lean forward, put cushions so that they can lean comfortably.

Avoiding the bad position

In this position you can give some massages that are relaxing in a simple way and avoiding suffering from pain due to being in a bad position.

Begin to give the massage in the right areas

In a relaxed position and surrounded by a good atmosphere will begin with the massages themselves. The best areas to massage are the shoulders and the cervical region. In these places all overloads are centered. So you will start working on those body parts.

How to use hands as you give a massage

Use the whole hand, some are limited to massage only using the tips of the fingers, that will cause a few minutes a great fatigue. Use the whole hand and accompany each of the movements with the rest of the body.

Notify the person you´re giving the massage

Before starting, you should notify the person who is going to receive the massage, since you may feel a slight impact when applying the oil or feel your hand, so you will have to take a breath for a few seconds and contain it.

The adequate massage

Nothing better than an adequate massage in those moments in which we feel that stress and fatigue are present in our lives.

Benefits of a Relaxing Massage and well-given massage:

It may be the end of those constant neck or back pains
With this type of massage the accumulated tension is discharged
We must apply it firmly and with slow movements
It is very important that the pressure is firm and progressive
They are indicated to achieve a state of calm in the body that often can not be achieved naturally
They have the utility of being able to undo those muscular knots or contractures that are formed in our body
And they help leaving a feeling of relaxation that you would not have been able to obtain in any other way.

The main objective of these massage

This type of massage can be exchanged as a couple and even more at this time you can enjoy the sensation of being given by the beloved, for this therapy there are some fragrances that can be used, or creams of all kinds from simple to aromatic. which can create a relaxing atmosphere when it comes to massage therapy. Relaxing massages can be applicable in different parts of the body, and wherever they are applied it is very important to know that the main objective of these massages is to bridle relaxation of muscles that are tense due to fatigue and stress. triggered by the daily routine.

How to give a relaxing massage?

In order to learn where are the best places to give the best massages we leave below a series of videos that will help you in your goal of learning to give relaxing massages:

Videos to learn to give relaxing massages

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