Day Spas: Popular Body Treatments

Are you in need of a little bit of “you” time? Would you like to take a few hours to escape from the real world? Would you like to be pampered yourself, instead of you doing the pampering for someone else? If so, you may want to schedule an appointment at one of your local day spas.

As nice as it is to hear that you should schedule an appointment at one of your local day spas, you may be curious as to what doing so can do for you. Day spas are designed to provide customers with a good sense of health and relaxation. One of the many ways that this is done is through a large selection of body treatments.

One of the most popular body treatments offered at a day spa is that of a massage. When it comes to massages, you should know that it can be more than just having your body rubbed down for an hour or so. Many day spas provide you with options, as well as many accessories. For example, some spas have what is commonly known as breathe easy massages. These often involve the use of scented lavender oil towels. Hot stones can also be applied to your face, back, stomach, or all three areas. This Swedish massage is very popular.

In addition to full body massages, there are also those available that target specific areas. The scalp is one of those areas, as well as the hands, feet, back, and shoulders.

Salt scrubs are another common procedure offered by day spas. Salt scrubs involve the use of sea salts. They will exfoliate and cleanse the skin. This often removes the dead, top layer of skin from the body. The end result should be clean, young, and fresh looking skin. Due to the use of exfoliating scrubs, this procedure often focuses more on health than relaxation.

Mud wraps are another body treatment that many day spas offer. With mud wraps, you often have the option of targeting your whole body or just the face. A mud wrap, like the Provencal European Mud Mask, is applied to the body. This will then work to purify, polish, hydrate, and smooth the skin. Before the procedure begins, the skin is often exfoliated. Afterwards, the skin may be moisturized with a carefully chosen cream, like body butter.

In addition to mud wraps, herbal wraps are also available. Herbal body wraps involve the use of steamed towels that are wrapped around the body or the targeted area. These towels are first blended with the perfect combination of scented, aromatherapy oils. Herbal wraps cause the body to detoxify, which results in excess fluid being eliminated. Relaxation is another added benefit.

Herbal moisturizing treatments are also available for those who suffer from constant or extreme dry skin. If you do, this treatment may be perfect for you. An herbal moisturizing treatment first involves the application of cream, which is massaged onto the body in thick layers. An herbal wrap, which was described above, often follows.

In addition to main procedures, such as the ones highlighted above, there are additional steps that can be taken. For example, a tan bronze glow can be applied at the end of each procedure. Having a slight, yet safe, tan is ideal if you are preparing for an upcoming special event, like a wedding or a vacation. Also, many men and women feel better about themselves and feel more attractive when they are tan.

It is also important to note that there are specific areas of the body that can be targeted, like the hands or the feet. Spa foot treatments and hand treatments are popular options. As for the foot treatment, you will likely soak your feet in warm soapy water. Next, your feet will be scrubbed and exfoliated. A special foot mask may also be applied. Both hand and foot treatments are often finished with a nail trimming.

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